UNL’s turnover growth at 13pc

Kathmandu, August 28

Unilever Nepal Ltd (UNL) has reported revenue of Rs 4.44 billion and a net profit of Rs 965 million in the last fiscal, 2016-17.

This translates to a turnover growth of 13 per cent, which was driven primarily through volume growth.

“This was delivered in spite of the challenges of factory lock-out for two-and-a-half months, non-arrival of summer adversely impacting sales of soaps and various other market disruptions in last few months. However, the growth has been broad based across all categories and mainly led by skin care and hair care giving a positive mix,” as per a media release issued by the company.

UNL is Nepal’s leading fast-moving consumer goods company. UNL has articulated its purpose as ‘to earn the love and respect of Nepal by making a real difference to every Nepali’. The company intends to do this by driving its brands and business to create a ‘swastha’ (healthy) and ‘saksham’ (prosperous) Nepal.

The company has delivered an intrinsic net profit margin of 24 per cent against a three-year average of 20 per cent and an intrinsic EBITDA margin of 30 per cent against a three-year average of 26 per cent. “This is a significant improvement and company is confident of sustaining this profitability. The strong track record of cash generation was sustained.”

The board of directors of the company have recommended a dividend of Rs 1,100 per share on equity shares of Rs 100 each. This year, the company also celebrates its 25th year in Nepal. On this special occasion, the board has also recommended an additional special dividend of Rs 170 per share to commemorate the occasion, the

release states.

“This has been a strong come-back year with profitable volume driven growth. In a challenging year, we delivered a resilient performance by managing our business dynamically and responding with various internal and external challenges,” the release has quoted Suyash Chauhan, managing director of UNL as saying. “We remain optimistic about the future of country and outlook for our business. We are committed to drive our purpose of creating a ‘swastha’ and ‘saksham’ Nepal through our business and brands.”