Union demands investigation

Janakpurdham, May 27:

The employees’ union at Janakpur Cigarette Factory (JCF) has demanded a high-level probe commission to investigate financial liabilities of the factory to its employees and other government agencies.

According to a press release issued by the union, the factory has dues worth Rs 400 million to be paid to the employees.

The release stated “the factory has also spent Rs 15 million meant for the provident fund. The factory has not paid nine million rupees in insurances of employees last year and Rs 30 million this year.

Likewise, the factory has Rs 20 million dues in customs duties to be paid to the government, five million to the municipality and Rs 3.5 million to Nepal Railway.

The union has given a seven-day ultimatum to the general manager to reduce the factory’s liabilities and to make the management efficient. “The factory’s overdraft at the time of the general manager’s appointment was only Rs 200 million and it has now crossed Rs 280 million.”

The factory has nearly 2,500 employees. The mismanagement has dogged the once most profitable Janakpur Cigarette Factory.