Vegetable farmers hit hard

Himalayan News Service

Kavre, March 4:

Lack of proper market and inability to compete with the vegetables brought from Terai and India, has led to the continued decline in the price of vegetables produced in the district.

Ram Prasad Luitel of Balua-5, Bakultar, was compelled to sell cauliflowers in his cost price as he was unable to get proper price for his produce.

Not only Ram Prasad, Shyam Kumar Danuwar of Ojhetar, Jeevan Shrestha of Aanpghari are also facing similar situation.

Their months of hard work seems to have gone in vain. The vegetables do not even fetch cost price, these days.

Mukunda Adhikary of Kuntabeensi had sold a kg of cauliflower for Rs 25 a month ago but now it is even hard to get Rs 10 for a kg of cauliflower.

He would have to face a massive loss because he had taken loans from Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) for the vegetable cultivation.

Most of the vegetable farmers of Paanchkhal, Dev Bhoomi, Balua, Kuntabeensi, Nala, Tukucha, Banepa and Panauti complain of inadequate price and lack of market facilities for their vegetables.

"The situation does not permit us to take the vegetable to Kathmandu. Moreover, the price fetched by the vegetable does not even cover the expenses of its transportation to the capital. We cannot compete with the vegetables imported from Terai and India," they said.

Investment for the vegetable cultivation is high due to the high cost of fertilizers, seeds and insecticides. Besides that the problem of proper irrigation is yet another hurdle for them.

“Though the quality of the vegetable is good, the unfair competition has led to the downfall of price," said the farmers. Now, they are searching for alternate jobs.

The farmers also complained of improper market management from the government.

"The governmental attitude is also not helpful," they complained.