Warsteiner ready for brewing competition in Nepali beer market

Kathmandu, August 15

In little as a year since production of Warsteiner — a premium German beer — started in the country, the brand has appeased the palate of Nepali consumers. However, the brand officials are well aware of the brewing competition, as the beer culture grows in the country.

“The beer market in Nepal is growing constantly, which will encourage a number of new brands to foray into Nepal,” said Thomas Nosner, technical director of Warsteiner International, who is currently visiting Nepal. “Hence, it is crucial that we make our product ready for the new market circumstances as the Nepali market is sure to face huge competition in the near future.”

Around a year ago, Raj Brewery, a subsidiary of Jawalakhel Group of Industries (JGI), started the production of Warsteiner in the country.

Warsteiner International is ‘satisfied with the progress’ of the German beer brand in the Nepali market.

“We have observed that the number of Warsteiner beer drinkers is continuously increasing in Nepal and we are satisfied with this steady growth of the brand in the country,” said Nosner.

Offering a completely different taste to Nepali consumers, Nosner opined that Warsteiner beer will continue to grow in the local market and will prove to be one of the preferable beer brands in Nepal.

He said that he was happy to see Nepali consumers enjoying the peculiar taste of the German beer which is guided by the ‘purity law’.

The German Purity Law, which Warsteiner beer’s production is based on, mentions the use of water, malt, hops and yeasts as the only brewing materials in beer production. Other beers tend to also use raw cereals like rice and barley and other additions like enzymes and preserving agents, flavours, chemical stabilisers, alginates and ascorbic acids.

Citing that people, though hesitant to consume a new product initially, are likely to eventually give it a try, Nosner mentioned that the competition for existing beer brands would be tough in the coming days in Nepal.

“Warsteiner will prepare to face the competition properly,” Nosner added.