KATHMANDU: Against the recent security alert issued by the US Embassy in Nepal discouraging its government officials from visiting Chandragiri Hills, officials of the popular destination said on Wednesday that the site is safe from every perspective. “We were stunned by such an alert issued by the US Embassy. There has been no report related to security and safety of visitors in Chandragiri Hills till date,” said Abishek Bikram Shah, general manager of Chandragiri Hills. Last week, the US Embassy had issued a security alert prohibiting its citizens to visit the site and take caution while visiting different other places in Kathmandu Valley. “We are aware of threats by a local group against the Chandragiri Hills Cable Car attraction through late March 2018. Based on this information, US government employees are not permitted to visit the location during this period of heightened threat. The same group has also threatened to extort and engage in acts of violence against other private businesses, including local and international schools within Kathmandu Valley,” the US Embassy had said, asking its officials to avoid the Chandragiri Hills Cable Car through late March, 2018.