WEEKLY STOCK UPDATE: Nepse stays on bullish course

Kathmandu, December 31:

Supported by a remarkable growth achieved by the other group, stock trading at Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) stayed on a growth path for yet another week. As a result, the Nepse index gained 2.29 points over the week.

The weekly share trading at the country’s sole secondary market began at 300.49 points on Sunday and went up to close at 302.78 points on Thursday, the last day of the trading under a regular lot.

The Nepse had registered a growth of 4.69 points last week.

Leading scrips including commercial banks, insurance, finance and development bank groups maintained a steady growth, while the other group recovered with a significant growth of about 30 points.

According to Nepse, the weekly traded value and number of transactions also increased along with hike in the index. A total of 191,079 units of shares valued at Rs 55,125,527 were traded through 5,355 transactions over the week. Last week, a total of 136,671 units of shares changed hands generating a turnover of Rs 46,349,098 from 2,617 transactions. Of the listed 63 companies for share trading, 53 companies saw their transactions this week.

The weekly trading report shows that the index of commercial banks group, which is the largest scrip by volume, posted a marginal growth of 0.64 points. The Nepse index of the group that opened at 327.67 points on Sunday went up to 328.31 points on the closing day. The group had gained over six points last week.

The other group, which had remained constant for couple of weeks, recovered with a dramatic growth of 29.84 points. The Nepse index of the group opened at 290.01 points and closed at 319.85 points on the last day. The manufacturing and the development banks groups also recorded growth, as their index rose to 274.42 points and 228.27 points on Thursday from the opening 273.91 points and 226.84 points respectively.

Likewise, the finance companies group and the insurance group’s index stood at 246.54 points and 329.97 points respectively, during the week’s trading. These groups’ index opened at 245.53 points and 329.59 points, respectively on Sunday. Both the groups had recorded a marginal growth last week.

The hotel, and the trading groups, meanwhile saw no change in their respective indices. The indices of these groups remained constant at 177.90 points and 134.84 points respectively.

Of the total transactions that took place over the week, the commercial banks group continued to capture the lion’s share with 75.74 per cent. The share of finance group made up 20.24 per cent of the total transaction, while the insurance group followed it by 3.54 per cent.

The development banks group was able to capture 0.25 per cent and manufacturing group had 0.17 per cent share, while the other group had a mere 0.05 per cent. The total purchase of shares at the Nepse floor remained at 121 during the week, averaging 24 unit per day. While the total sales stood at 79, meaning that only 16 shares were sold on average per day throughout the week.

In terms of maximum number of transactions and the number of shares traded, Cosmic Merchant Banking and Finance topped the list with 37,430 unit shares traded through 2,278 transactions. Bank of Kathmandu outshone others for monetary value as its total trading stood at Rs 14,847,273.

The Nepse floor remained open for five days, where the shares of Standard Chartered Bank, Himalayan Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Everest Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Machhapuchre Bank Ltd, Lumbini Bank, Laxmi Bank, NCC Bank, United Finance and Cosmic Merchant Banking and Finance were traded.