Wheel OK campaign

KATHMANDU: In a bid to give continuity to the success in earning a good name and gaining the trust of its consumers in the Nepali market, Unilever Nepal Ltd is starting a new campaign called, ‘Wheel OK kinnumai cha buddhimani’, which talks about how buying Wheel OK is a smart thing to do.

The goal of Unilever Nepal is to ensure that every Unilever product made for the benefit of its consumers reaches the Nepali community and this campaign also aims to do the same, reads a press statement.

To make the campaign extraordinary and interesting, Unilever has roped in Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal and his wife Madhu Hamal. For Wheel Ok campaign, the real-life duo will be seen in an ad campaign for the first time.

The company says through this campaign, the two have communicated the attributes of Wheel OK, which includes power of lemon, its fragrance, fat-free label, among others, very entertainingly.