Within inverted commas : CA polls is just a stepping stone

I would have been happier, if the government had kept economic growth a parallel agenda along with political issues.

As a service sector businessman, I see lack of prioritisation as the basic problem in the country. Today everyone is talking about hydro power as one of the key sectors that can change the fate of Nepal.

But mind you, it will take at least one more decade to show us the results. Looking at the present situation, I don’t think we can wait so long for a turn around. But that does not mean we should discard hydro power from our agenda. It should remain as a long-term agenda.

As a short-term agenda, tourism is the sector that can bring roll-over effect to our economy. Nepal has witnessed it time and again.

Government needs to make tourism its first priority. But we need to look at our infrastructure, whether we can host one million tourists a year or not. With proper planning and promotion, I am sure we can look at a consistent flow of tourists in the coming months.

CA polls should be taken as a stepping stone. It may not bring in overnight change but can always assure tourists about lasting peace and safety in Nepal. This is enough to gain the attention of global tourists who appear to be keen to visit Nepal but are watching the political situation closely.