World Bank holds workshop for Nepal agriculture officials

KATHMANDU: The Development Impact Evaluation Unit of the World Bank on Wednesday conducted a workshop on impact evaluation methods with agricultural officials of Nepal government in Kathmandu.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, the Ministry of Livestock Development and three of the agriculture projects supported by the World Bank in Nepal – Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project (RJKIP), Project for Agriculture Commercialisation and Trade (PACT) and the Agriculture Food Security Project (AFSP) - had participated in the workshop managed by PACT.

DIME Research Analyst based in Washington DC, Saahil Karpe, had opened the session with a presentation on DIME’s model for integrating impact evaluations into project implementation.

He said the evaluations seek to answer pertinent research questions and inform operations through an evidence-based approach to policy design.

Following Karpe's presentation, members of the AFSP and RJKIP projects, along with DIME’s Kathmandu-based Field Coordinators Gogi Grewal and Odbayar Bathmunkh, had presented details of the evaluation design and timelines for each project.

The workshop had concluded with a roundtable discussion on the practical elements of coordinating successful evaluations.