Yak farming in high Himalayan areas of Doalkha district is under crisis because of reproductive problems of yaks, pastures turning into community forests and lack of proper treatment.

The farming is gradually disappearing because of extinction of the Kirko bullock found in the Himalayan regions, says Gyan Bahadur Thapa, an official at Jiri Livestock Development Farm. The developed countries have been preserving yaks through artificial insemination but the technology has not been implemented in Nepal so far, he said.

Other problems include livestock office and the pastures being too far causing problems in taking care of the yaks in time.

Former director of Cherdung Cheese Factory, Keshar Bahadur Jirel said the farmers are not being attracted towards it because of problems of animal health and market for its produce. Price of the dairy products have been also declining following the falling trend of tourists arrival in the country, he noted.

Issuance of bank loans has been very low because of low evaluation price of the land in the high hilly areas, according to the Agricultural Development Bank at Charikot.

Cheese, ghee, Chhurpee and Khuwa, Sergham and Mohi are produced from yak milk while mattresses and ropes are made from their wool.

Yak farming is popular mainly in Kalinchok, Bigu, Marbu, Chankhu, Jiri, Shyama and Shailungeswor VDCs of the district.