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Courtesy: Padam Raj Awasthi

KATHMANDU: With the principal slogan, ‘A thousand golden rays are rising’, the students of Ace Institute of Management-Undergraduate School, Baneshwor have commenced the Golden Campaign of Ace. The campaign started with the hope of conveying the message that golden rays of hope have covered the gloomy Nepali sky and flowers have started blooming in Nepal that was shaken by the tremor of April 25 as well as its aftershocks.

The campaign conducted in association with 4-H Nepal had come to life after building six temporary shelters for the local community in Sitapaila, Kathmandu.

The way of celebrating weekend for the students of Ace Institute of Management, who are busy with their academics from Monday to Friday, have thus changed. These days they are actively participating in volunteer works. As a part of this campaign, they have already renovated eight classrooms and managed debris in the Durbar High School, Kathmandu.

In continuation with the campaign, the students spent two weekends at the Changunarayan Temple to manage the rubble so that it is easier for the devotees and local people to walk around the temple. “We are grateful to the students for the work that they have done here as it has become easier for us to go to the temple to worship daily,” said the members of local community.

An official of the Armed Police Force, who is handling the security system in Changunarayan, Tribhuwan Bist said, “We have not seen a single foreign face in this area after the tremor of April 25. If all the students could volunteer their leisure time in reconstruction of heritage sites, it will flow a good message in the international community and it will also support our tourism industry.”

The students of Ace Institute of Management have decided to give priority to the educational awareness programmes in their future endeavours. Under this, they will be providing art, culture and music classes to school children and counsel them.

Along with this, all volunteers have committed to initiate tree plantation, increase environmental awareness and blood donation programmes.

— Padam Raj Awasthi, BBA-BI Vth Semester, Ace Institute of Management, Baneshwor