Balancing studies and job


Having and keeping a job is a task in itself. It becomes more of a tightrope act when you are holding a job and studying at the same time. Balancing both and managing time wisely is an act that many students who also hold a job or professionals who are continuing their studies grapple with all the time. For them what gets them through is their dedication.

Dedication counts

Working students share that apart from paying full attention in class they fully utilise their time whenever they are free or after they return home.

“I discuss with my friends during break times and I also ask them to share their notes through social media in the evening,” says Piyush Balla, a IVth Year student of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at Khwopa College in Bhaktapur.

Balla has been working as a full time Trainee Assistant at an insurance company at Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur for seven months.

Sadika Subba, Ist Year student of Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) at Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies, Dillibazar dedicates her evenings to her studies after returning from work. She has been working as a receptionist for a year now.

Rashmita Dhital, a BBS IIIrd Year student at Khwopa College, states that whenever she gets free time at her

workplace, she reads her college books and assignments. She is a full time school teacher.

Supportive environment

As novelist Paulo Coelho has said, ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,’ it is the same with the students. They have received a huge support from their immediate circle — parents, friends and teachers — in this matter.

“My family says that I am working at a young age and that they are really proud of me,” shares Susan Tachamo of Khwopa College. “My family tells me to take care of my health and not to worry about family matters,” adds Tachamo, a BBS IVth Year student who has been working as a full time computer teacher for the past one year.

As for Subba “teachers are very supportive; whenever I miss any class, they even guide me during break times”.

Dhital shares, “My parents have created a good environment for me at home. They do not let me do household chores, instead they tell me to concentrate on my studies. My friends also share the notes of the classes I have missed.”

As for Neetu Basnet she says she has a supportive environment in her workplace. According to her, she gets leaves from her office whenever needed, so it is easy for her to prepare for and during exams. She is a IIIrd Semester student of Child Development and Gender Socialisation at Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Bagbazar, and has been working as a cashier at an organization in Putalisadak for the last three years.

What counts as motivation

These individuals are being able to balance their studies and work as they find motivation in gaining experience and becoming self-dependent.

Tachamo says that he is gaining experience as a computer teacher, it may be easy for him to get job related to this field in future too. Besides this, “we can earn some money too and can even give to our family,” he further says.

“It is a wonderful feeling to pay our college fees with our own income,” says Balla.

Basnet shares that due to her job, she does not get enough time to revise her daily lessons at times. This makes her feel sad, but as the job gives a kind of satisfaction, she has been managing till now.

The role of college

To help working students in their endeavour, some colleges in Kathmandu Valley have made special arrangements.

Bhaktapur’s Khwopa College has scheduled Master’s level classes till 9:00 am only so that working students are able reach work on time. “Bachelor’s level classes are till 10:30 am, but we have arranged identity cards for students, who leave at 9:45 am,” informs Vice-Principal Rajesh Kumar Shrestha. This card is given only after students provide their work document, and the college also reaches an agreement with the parents regarding the matter, Shrestha adds.

“If students are holding jobs related to their studies, it is easier for them as they are learning by doing,” opines Bharat Dhungel, Business Communications teacher at the college.

Caspian Valley College, Lalitpur has managed job section classes for the students who are working full time. There are a total of eight job section classes for Bachelor’s level students scheduled from 6:00 to 9:00 am, and the daily course of studies is covered within these three hours, says Chairman Gobind Khanal.