KATHMANDU: On April 18, the US Embassy’s Book Bus reached Gorkha. Since then it has been conducting various programmes to celebrate Gorkha’s rich history, the dreams and aspirations of its community, and also to commemorate the Gorkha earthquake of 2015.

As per a press release issued by Quixote’s Cove, the Book Bus has been hosting book readings and workshops on language, art, science and technology for local students and community members. It is working with seven schools and colleges in Gorkha. It includes workshops on Retelling Histories, in partnership with the Nepal Picture Library to connect major incidences in Nepali history to the personal histories of the participants, their families and community. Another workshop is ‘Retelling Tales’ to document folk tales and myths from the community.

The Book Bus has also been organising community art projects with artists from Kathmandu University. Working with students, community groups and local businesses, some artists have made multiple murals that capture the creativity, aspirations and uniqueness of people of Gorkha, adds the release. Other programmes comprise a puppet show and exhibition of old photographs of Gorkha.

The Book Bus has been organising these activities in collaboration with Kathmandu University Center for Art and Design and photo.circle. Supported by the US Embassy in Kathmandu, it travels to areas where access to libraries and creative learning programmes are limited or unavailable.