KATHMANDU: KUSOMITES — the students of Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) — on July 17 welcomed everyone at Nepa Banquet, Khusibu. The occasion was ‘Monsoon Dhoon’, an acoustic musical fundraiser to help Rasma Dangol fight cancer.

Dangol, MBA graduate, aged 30 at KUSOM was diagnosed with second bout of cancer. Dangol is recognised as a confident, kind and approachable person who was active during annual festival and social events of the college.

Much before the event, KUSOMITES went around to sell tickets for the event and also spread the words to help Dangol with the hashtag on Facebook as #HelpRasmaFightCancer. This was definitely one of the rare times when people didn’t think twice before investing their money in it.

Dean at KUSOM, Subas KC with his words encouraged KUSOMITES to come together and help Dangol. He said, “When someone fights for life, her own or others’, the person becomes worthy of salute and support. I salute the fight Rasma is putting up for her life. I believe you all do. Now is the time for support. And support we must. Rasma’s life is precious and hence must be preserved. Precious not only for her but for all of us who look upon this young talented and passionate girl with hope that she will deliver what she has been prepared for. Preserved because her life is under threat.”

In sync with the words of Dean, KUSOMITES definitely through Monsoon Dhoon rose to the task of helping Dangol. Along with soothing musical performances the event was also garnered by various stalls like the face paint stall and bakes and cakes stall (home-made cakes) which uplifted the spirit of those who attended. The dedication of songs to the cancer fighter was truly amazing and the amount collected went towards her treatment.

— Sadiksha Thapa, BBA VIIIth Semester

KUSOM, Balkumari