A-Level: Freedom to choose desired subjects


The freedom to choose any combination of subject as per student's desire is the charm of A-Level, which helps students expand their horizon and test their aptitude for various subjects.

With more than 55 different subjects to choose from, students have the liberty of choosing subjects from different fields depending upon their interest in A-Level. Students can choose to specialise in a particular subject, or broaden their learning across a wide range of subjects in A-Level.

Among many alluring factors, the flexibility to choose desired subjects has been a major attraction for the Nepali students to opt for A-Levels.

Students are not only allowed to mix and match their subjects to fit their interest but also have an opportunity to drop subjects that hold them down.

Subjects that deem too hard for students and have difficulty passing the minimal grade can be dropped in between session and students can opt for another subject that is much suited to their choices.

"In A-Level, students are allowed to take subjects of their interest and are not restricted to a fixed curriculum," informed Anita Rijal, A-Level Programme Coordinator at Trinity International College, adding that this helps students focus on their strength, interest and bring out their potential. However, she believes students should be provided with proper counselling so that the subjects they choose support them no matter where they go to pursue their further studies.

A-Level provides students with challenging and engaging curriculum that is not only relevant to their education but also to their day-to-day lives.

Emphasis on critical thinking and team discussion not only help students have in-depth knowledge about their course but encourage development of interpersonal skills.

A-Level encourages students to understand the basic concept and its application as opposed to memorising varied concepts.

Meanwhile, Malina Shakya, A-Level Coordinator at British Model College, said, “Flexibility in subject choice helps build strong foundations, achieve outstanding results, and engender a mature and an independent attitude in students.”

She is of the opinion that the opportunity to choose a cross-curriculum in A-Level opens plenty of opportunity to pursue various fields of education.