A-Level for international recognition


With the growing trend of internationally recognised education in Nepal, A-Level has been quite popular among Nepali students within a short span of time.

A-Level incorporates a wide range of subjects with a comprehensive assessment pattern, which ensures students' ability to compete in the global market.

Over 500 US universities including all Ivy League colleges and universities in more than 160 countries recognise Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A-Level programme.

A-Level incorporates an international syllabus, which gives their career a competitive advantage.

The programme plays an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, enhancing their career prospects at an international level.

Roshan Poudel, Nepal topper in Physics in A-Level from Chelsea International Academy is an example. Poudel recently received a scholarship worth USD 76,000 to pursue Electrical Engineering at New York University in Abu Dhabi and he will be flying to Abu Dhabi this August for his further studies.

“Studying A-Level has helped me get easily accepted in universities abroad as it is well recognised worldwide,” he shared, adding that he did not have to appear any English language test exams like — IELTS or TOEFL merely because he had scored well in his General Papers (GP) in A-Level.

“There is no doubt about international recognition that A-Level programme holds," said Mukesh Ratna Shakya, Principal of Andrew J Wild College, adding that it is a superior programme that prepares students for a competitive future.

However, the equivalency of A-Level programme with English language exams depends on universities and the student’s performance.

“Successful completion of A-Level provides students an edge and makes them eligible for admissions in leading universities around the world," said Shakya, adding that more than 125 countries across the globe recognise this programme.

Meanwhile, Colonel Rajendra Verma, AEC (Rtd), Principal at Rupy’s International School, said, “A-Level engages a student intellectually and provides independent study skills. Thus, these skills come handy to prepared them for any international university.”