NAMI welcomes newcomers

KATHMANDU: Naaya Aayam Multidisciplinary Institute (NAMI) organised a welcome programme for its new students at Gokarna Resort on March 4. The event was held for the newcomers of Bachelor's and Master's level.

The programme was divided into two sections — formal and informal. Welcoming new students and celebrating the performances of second year students of different levels, the formal event was a success.

It witnessed a warm reception of the first year students of Bachelor's and Master's level by others. Activities of the second year students of Bachelor’s and Master’s level in the past one year along with works done by the college were highlighted in 'Year Preview' session.

In the informal section, cultural programme was the highlight. It also saw the selection of Mr and Ms Freshers from among the first year students. It was fun-filled ceremony where all the students danced and enjoyed to the fullest.

Giving a break to the students' hectic schedule, the event became a refreshing distraction to all the students of NAMI.

— Anu Rai, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

IInd Year, Naaya Aayam Multidisciplinary Institute, Jorpati