Teacher’s impact on a student’s life

Teachers guide you to take the right path in life. They are the ones who can mould a student’s character while making an impact on a student’s life. So, what kind of impact can a teacher have on the life of his/her student? In the context of Teacher’s Day — that falls on July 31 this year — some students talk with The Himalayan Times about teacher’s impact on a student’s life.

Frank and friendly teachers have helped me be a good student. During school days, the teachers who gave physical punishment had demotivated me to study creating dislike for the subject. However, there are teachers who have the quality to make us understand in a positive way. I like those teachers who understand our point of view, have a smile on his/her face while teaching us and also possess the capability to teach explaining a topic to the point. These behaviours of my teachers motivate me to concentrate more on what’s being taught.

— Jozin Waiba, Class XII

Reliance International College, Chabahil

It’s not only a teacher’s responsibility but also the students’ responsibility to choose whether to improve their life or not. Teachers are there to guide us but students have to follow their guidance properly to reach the desired destination. Improvement of a student depends upon his /her attitude towards the teacher.

For example when I was in school I used to get seventh or eighth position in the class and I was weak in Accounts subject. My Accounts teacher, who used to be friendly with me other times would teach me separately at times. And during those teachings, she used to be strict with me. That time I felt — why is she paying me such attention? But after the result I have understood her intention as I got 90 per cent in SLC because of her. I feel honoured to have such a teacher who motivated me and helped me do better in the subject, I was weak at.

— Pratima Thapa, BBS Ist Year

Koteshwor Multiple Campus, Koteshwor