Unity in Diveristy

Yes, federalism is a way to ensure the rights of people and a tool for development, however, it is only possible when our politicians will look above their own interests and address the need of the countrymen. It is a very unfortunate and sad incident for us that in the name of demarcating provinces, violence is taking place. Before the final writing of the Constitution, the authorities concerned should address the demand of the Tharu community as well.

— Bishwaeshwar Pd Dhakal, BSc IInd Year, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Ghantaghar

Nepal should be a secular country and should not be divided into provinces. Nepal should remain as a whole and the country should be without religious discrimination. This will help create harmony and peace among people. However, the politicians are discussing and fighting for provinces instead of working on fulfilling the basic needs of the people which can be done through income generating sources and developing the country’s infra-structure.

— Urmila Pulami, Grade XII, Harion Manakamana College, Sarlahi