A bitter chocolate at best


The movie Chocolate can be best described as being on the bitter side. The film’s unnecessary and repetitive dialogues and a weak plotline give a bitter taste to the audience. However, the songs are catchy and give a pleasing experience watching and listening to them.

Chocolate Didi (Poozana Pradhan) is taking care of nine street children. They beg to make a living. The didi who herself is living with these children have to face sexual harassment time and again. People try to touch her indecently while giving money to her. In the mean time she meets with an accident and passes through retrograde amnesia. Kabir (Ayushman Ghimire), who hits Chocolate with his car, then takes care of her and all the children. He unknowingly starts falling in love with Chocolate. However, there is a twist in the story as Kavya (Namrata Jha), a childhood friend of Kabir’s is deeply in love with him and has decided to get married to him. Presenting herself as a plotter what step does she take further? Will she ever be able to get her love reciprocated? Will Chocolate ever get her memory back?

With a simple plotline on its narration, repetitive dialogues and flashback in the whole film within a single shot, the movie is not a must-watch. The acting is not powerful. A strong plotline and dialogue would have been able to bring out the best from the actors. Pradhan, Ghimire and Jha are not convincing enough. The ending of the story leaves one with the thought. “Yes, these things happen only in movies”.

The children shouting and surrounding people while begging is intolerable. The only interesting thing is to hear Dubi Sakeko Ghamlai and Nabin K Bhattarai in the movie.


Genre: Social Drama

Director: Nirmal Sharma

Cast: Poozana Pradhan, Ayushman Ghimire, Namrata Jha, Anooz Shakya,

Keshav Bhattarai et cetera

Being screened at QFX cinemas