A bouquet of musical blossoms

Kathmandu: Reeyaz Music Pvt Ltd released three albums ‘Rewind’, ‘Effort’ and ‘Kutumba’ at Dharahara Bakery Café on 28 April. Shining luminaries of the Nepali Music industry, Koili Devi, Prem Dhoj Pradhan, Kiran Kharel, Yogesh Baidhya and others were present on the occasion.

‘Rewind’ incorporates the modern rendition of the very famous songs of legendary singers of the likes of Shambhujeet Baskota, Mira Rana and Om Bikram Bista. ‘Effort’ by Suman Shrestha is yet another album with songs and remixes. The third album ‘Kutumba’is a collection of instrumental music produced by Mahaboudha Records, a sister concern of Reeyaz Music. Ethnic instruments like bamboo flute, tumna, sarangi, tabla and madal have been used. —HNS