A good teacher

There are many teachers. As many as there are, a good teacher is rare everywhere. More so, in this materialistic world of where everyone sets unconditional goals. To us, a teacher is a middleman through which the gateway to knowledge opens and wisdom is perceived.

Teachers are the road that bridge the gap between two extremities of social life. The feeling of superiority and inferiority, literate and illiterate are brought down. Hence, a good teacher is a treasure sown in the garden of a country. He is welcome at every doorstep and in every walk of life. He is essentially a dutiful citizen, a guide and a motivator. He is helpful, productive, communicative and knowledgeable. He keeps himself abreast of all happenings, be it a local, national or international. He is always a friend and a well-wisher who always encourages. — Ganga Lal Pradhan, Greenland Public School, Bharatpur