A lesson learnt

Social work is not done just for name or fame. Social work should be for self-contentment. Average people live for themselves but great people live for society. Their only goal is to do something better for the society. I never knew that my views would change so drastically before I went in a trip organised by my school.Last year, we went to Matatirtha Old Age Home at Thankot where we spent priceless few hours with some helpless old women. We had taken some biscuits, woollen caps, socks and few cakes of soaps to distribute. We had spent our pocket money to collect those items. Instead of spending our money for entertainment, we thought that it would be better to utilise for needy ones.

I got an opportunity to share my love and feelings with them who were either homeless or were neglected by their children. I received lots of love and affection from the old women. More than love, I received a lot of blessing in return from them, which will last forever in my memories as a prized possession. It is hard to believe how a son could beat his mother and keep her hungry for days.

After this trip I think real children are the ones who love and take care of their parents until their last breath. After visiting the old age home my love and respect towards my parents has multiplied.The trip indeed was quite helpful as it taught me how our life should be devoted to others also. We all should spend a part of our valuable time and a little of our wealth for those people also who need help, support, love and respect.Utsav Kharel, Class IX, Gyanodaya R School