A perfect match

My journey to true friendship was when I first entered Class VIII. New friends, new books and new teachers — it was my first day in Class VIII.

I went and sat right at the back of the classroom as I was very shy. While other classmates were busy with their introductions, my eyes rested on the girl sitting right next to me. She was fair with short hair, polite and had beautiful eyes.

Days passed and we became good friends. I found that she was a perfect match for me. We were somehow similar and shared everything with each other. We would realise our mistakes and help each other on improving them.

It has been four months since I got to know her and our journey of friendship has really been good.

Today I disturb my friend by phoning her four times a day and talking all nonsense. I am really glad that I found a true friend in her and hope our friendship will last forever.

I would like to thank RJ as she has been the most amazing friend I’ve ever had.