A spiritual evening with Ani Choying


Her musical concert promised a great fun and spiritual experience, and, yes, she gave it with gusto. Although, the auditorium at Nepal Academy Hall was a bit cold on the evening of December 15, especially for Ani Choying Dolma herself on stage, she really managed to mesmerise the audience with her peace and compassion arousing singing.

The programme kick-started by highlighting the cause for which the concert was being organised — to help National Kidney Centre, the nation’s premier dialysis centre, acquire its own building. Rotary Club of Kathmandu president Gopal Kakshyapati also gave a welcome speech at the occasion and further highlighted the cause of the concert.

The initial ceremony also saw noted social worker Angur Baba Joshi and special representative of the Dalai Lama, Thinle Gyaltso, chief guests at the occasion, jointly releasing Ani Choying’s latest album Time.

Ani Choying began her concert with a mantra recitation of Buddhist compassion deity Avalokiteswora. “Mantra is recited to protect your mind,” she explained later. Ani

Choying was assisted by some noted musicians like Subha Bahadur Sunam, Lochan Rizal, Hari Maharjan, and Shyam Nepali, among others, on the ensemble.

Apart from her former hits like Ful Ko Ankha Ma, Mitho Muskan, Ani Choying also sang a number of her new songs, including a cheerful song for children Hansko Challa from her upcoming album and a truly touching song Ama for her late mother. Some of them even had

tears well up in their eyes. She sang Ama with Nyhoo Bajracharya, who was specially called on stage, on guitar.

“It’s amazing how people come together for noble deeds,” she shared at the occasion. She not only sang, but also gave a whole spiritual experience. The audience, who also comprised of senior government officials, diplomats, corporate honchos, national-level artistes and other noted personalities, were also very supportive to her throughout the concert. A premiere of videos of songs from Time was also shown at the occasion, with her singing along.

The concert was organised by Rotary Clubs of Kathmandu and Patan in association with Music Nepal and Nuns Welfare Foundation.