A token of respect


Architects and engineers outline development infrastructure of a nation. The estimation they make seldom fails be it in construction or in scheming a social event. Thus, students of Institute of Engineering, Puchowk Campus conceived a scheme of fundraising.

“This is the first time where you can see country’s budding engineers and architects shaking and swinging their booties en masse to the musical tune. This is also the first dance party organised by IOE students,” said Prakesh Shrestha, a third year student of BE. Exuberant engineers had already crowded the dance floor by 4 pm as the party had kicked off exactly at 2 pm sharp. “We are punctual, too,” added his friend. Besides, everyone had to leave the floor by 7 pm because The Station Pub and Café, Thamel was booked only for five hours.

These casual partygoers could have danced all night, though, as it was actually what the organisers claimes it to be: ‘a get together to know each other better.’

In college every one does not get to know each other. That’s why the party was planned by third year students. The main reason behind the event was to aid to ‘IOE Educational India Tour 2005’. “It is not compulsory but third year students help raise funds for final year students for a long trip,” said a final year student of IOE Pragyan. “Did you like out party?” Prakesh suddenly asked this correspondent. An instant ‘yes’ was the obvious answer.