Aamir’s limited edition Ghajini statuettes

MUMBAI: If you think that the Ghajini fever was over, think again. The producers of the movie launched limited-edition Aamir Khan-statuettes based on his character in the film on the star’s 44th birthday March 14.

The collector’s item is a detailed replica of the eight-pack abs character Sanjay Singhania from the movie and has been manufactured in China in a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces, a statement said.

“The response to Ghajini has been overwhelming and Aamir’s performance has been much appreciated by audiences across the world and it makes us feel very proud to unveil the limited edition Ghajini statuette on his birthday,” said Madhu Mantena, who co-produced the superhit with Allu Arvind. “The Ghajini statuette is much more than just merchandise. It is a very carefully designed and crafted piece of the film itself that fans can cherish for many years,” he added.