Aamir’s rules upset Asin

NEW DELHI: Aamir Khan’s new lead actress Asin seems to be unhappy with the Ghajini hero’s strict rules.

A source close to Aamir said, “She had an argument with Aamir recently.”

It was after Aamir stopped her from interacting with the media, making public appearances or attending any events.

According to reports Asin wants to concentrate on her Bollywood career and she has been getting a lot of offers but is unable to interact with media, which is frustrating her.

Asin has signed Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan starrer London Dreams and quite a few other big banners now, but very little is known about her.

Sources say that the Ghajini team has stopped Asin from giving her portfolio pictures to anyone. The southern siren who was also a part of the Telugu version of Ghajini has been under the contract for almost two years.

Asin recently told reports, “I cannot speak about this as we have been told not to speak to the press.”

Asin, who is a big star in south India, is making her big break into Bollywood with Ghajini. The film, which is planned for a Christmas release worldwide, has Asin playing Aamir’s wife.