Aamir’s tattoo troubles doc

MUMBAI: This incident can be termed as something that can happen once in a span of 10 lakh years or may be even more.

The first look images of Aamir Khan’s forthcoming film Ghajini has been released and it has the actor exposing his newly toned and beefed up physique and his now famous head design.

However the surprise element of the photographs and which arouses some curiosity are the tattoos that can be seen on his body. The interesting information is that a phone number presented as one of the tattoos wrecked havoc in the life of a lady named Dr Surekha.

After the publicity photos of Aamir were exposed to the public, Dr Surekha started to get phone calls inquiring her about the Bollywood star. Later on after trying to know about the reason for the sudden coming of phone calls to her mobile phone, Dr Surekha found out that a number, which was written on Aamir’s body, is her phone number.

During the photo session, one of the assistant directors had written down a random number and he never thought he was writing down a real number.

Well, there is a possibility that quite accidentally numbers can turn out to be same, but what explanation can be given to the way people started to call the actual owner of the number.

Only the observation skills of the common film crazy people can be given as an answer and this incident also echoes out the theory of love for films and film stars being considered equal to a religion in India.