AB inspires Zayed

MUMBAI: Zayed Khan says he could have ended up becoming a spoilt star son if it hadn’t been for Abhishek Bachchan. “I guess I could’ve become that horrific entity known as the pampered and spoilt brat. But I held on. I always look at Abhishek’s example to see how tough things can be for a kid from a film family.”

Zayed also holds brother-in-law Hrithik Roshan in high esteem. “I guess this penchant to prove a point runs in my family. Look at Duggu (Hrithik). He has been quite a portrait of defiant self-improvement.”

So is he a source of inspiration too? “Not in any direct way... Duggu and I go back a long way. We knew each other before he got to know Susanne.” — Agencies