Abandoned, not forgotten


It was a morning no different than other mor-nings, but for a certain you-ng boy this morning meant the dawn of a new hope.

A documentary Voices of the Abandoned was screened for the first time on March 27 at Kumari Cinema Hall on the initiative of Global Plus. The screening was special because it was held in order to help 14-year-old Deepak Gharti, who was injured by a bullet while returning home after watching a film. Though he has had a surgery, he has not been able to lead a normal life as be excretes from the wound. The funds collected from the screening will go towards his treatment.

This 25-minute documentary tells the story of children affected by the armed conflict. Based on interviews taken in western Nepal of children and their families, filmmakers Lokesh Shrestha and Seetashma Thapa have urged all to think for our children today itself, and not wait for tomorrow.

The film is supported by British Council, and John Fry, BC Country Director, said they backed the film because it told of the physical losses that these children bore, and most importantly of the psychological effects. The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post were the media partners for the event.