Action at unbelievable pace


Transporter 2, which has Luc Besson producing, while one of his proteges directs tries to be Luc Besson’s famous, The Professional, even his famous La Femme Nikita, but is in-fact an out and out action film without the heart that Besson’s films have. If you have two hours and nothing better to do, watch it. The computer- generated effects are mind boggling and the movie seems to take on the hues of being a satire of action movies.

As Bret Fetzer film writer says, “Transporter 2 knows what its audience wants and — like its title character — it delivers. This is a movie that has not only a fight choreographer but also a car stunt choreographer; a movie in which a female assassin wears nothing but a bra and panties because, presumably, additional clothing would be too cumbersome; a movie in which crashing through a concrete wall in order to leap over a four-lane street will not even rumple the hood of the hero’s car; a movie in which a drunken supermodel, after her advances are chastely and gently rebuffed by the hero, says ‘Thanks for the respect — that’s what I needed most’; a movie, in short, for those who liked the first Transporter but found it too subdued and character-driven. Jason Statham reprises his role as Frank Martin, a perhaps overly diligent chauffeur who will break bones if his duty is impeded. The sheer glee with which Transporter 2 casts aside logic, probability, and the laws of physics is infectious. If the sequence in which Frank flips his car upside-down in order to detach the bomb attached to his undercarriage doesn’t reduce you to intoxicated giggles,’re watching the wrong movie.

Transporter 2 is utterly shameless, unstoppably ridiculous, and completely enjoyable. Also featuring Amber Valetta, Jason Flemyng, and Matthew Modine.”

Critic Brian Marder adds, “Whether Statham can ever really go on to do any serious dramatic work remains to be seen. But he’s found a niche with Euro-style action flicks in which his lines are few and far between, made weightier when he almost breathes them rather than speaks them. In Transporter 2, with his impeccably shorn stubble and his trademark articulation, Statham sticks with what has worked for him and saves the film. The rest of the cast just follow along. Perpetuating his odd choice in films, Modine does decent work in making the audience dislike his affluent, too-busy-to-be-a-good dad politician. Supermodel-turned-actress Amber Valletta (Hitch) shines in her biggest role yet, as a mother and neglected wife trying to convince everyone that Martin is the good guy. She should have a nice future, that is, if she can distract attention from her sparkling baby-blue eyes. And doing a damn good impression of a younger, skinner Brigitte Nielsen, newcomer Katie Nauta kicks butt as bad girl Lola, giving Frank a run for his money.”

But the intellectuals didn’t like the movie and find few things to recommend it and Colin Fleming finds, “The occasional scene rises above the near-constant clamour. In one such sequence, Frank is encircled by various thugs, each equipped with some sort of blade, pole or scythe, and the pacing takes on a rhythmic quality as the goons attack, pause, and attack again, as though jerked to life by the whims of director Louis Letterier and writer-producer Besson. Much of the rest of the film is marred by computer-generated effects that strain credulity even by action film standards.”

For sure South East Asia is going to ensure that the movie is a hit and has a sequel, so hold your breath.