Adams almost gave up acting

LONDON: Amy Adams has revealed that she nearly gave up her acting profession because she barely got time for herself. The actress, who shares the frame with Meryl Streep in her new movie Julie & Julia, said that she seriously considered quitting the industry after barely having any time to enjoy herself. “Julie and Julia is really about reinventing yourself and what that takes. I’ve gone through that process of re-evaluating things,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Parade magazine. “For a while, I was seriously considering giving up acting. My life lacked balance because I was too focused on a result as opposed to enjoying the process. I just had to get back into enjoying myself,” said Adams. “There were times when I didn’t work. There were times when I was flat broke, just like anyone else. You go through ups and downs in life. And, right now, I’m on an up. I’m going to enjoy it and have fun and make the most of it,” she added.