'Adhyayan helped me to forget my past'

MUMBAI: Kangna Ranaut, who has moved on after her break-up with Adhyayan Suman, is miffed with the recent rumours of her link up with Puri Jagannath, director of a South film in which she stars.

Kangna says, “I should free myself from my last experience. I need to be ready to fall in love again, which I am not yet. Why can’t people imagine somebody single for sometime at least? It’s only been a month that Adhyayan and I parted ways. Frankly, I don’t intend to date anybody for a year. Can people stop linking me up with random people? Have I no emotions?”

Despite having broken up with Adhyayan, Kangna says she has fond memories of their relationship. “I have had a bad relationship (read Aditya Pancholi) and I have also had a good relationship

. If it’s a bad relationship, you end up being shattered. If it’s a great relationship like Adhyayan and I had, I can’t have any bad memories. Adhyayan helped me come out of my previous relationship and experiences.”

The parting was not ugly. When the break up happened, Kangna had a talk with Adhyayan. “We respect each other far too much to insult each other. Yes, I was shocked at first. Adhyayan doesn’t want to be in a relationship at this point of time. I thought it was a nightmare but on second thoughts, I understand. I too dissuade my younger brother from being in a relationship at his age,” adds Kangna.

Kangna also asked Adhyayan if he was doing the right thing by calling off their relationship. “He is very sure. All through my relationship with Adhyayan, I wanted him to take responsibility for his actions.”

Was the break-up initiated by Adhyayan’s father, Shekhar Suman? “I wouldn’t like to comment on that,” she says.

Today, Kangna and Adhyayan are not in touch. Kangna says, “I am not a switch-on, switch-off kind of person. I need to give myself some time before we start talking again. After the break-up, we spoke just once and things felt better. After that, we haven’t spoken at all.”

After coming back from Switzerland, Kangna is now headed for Durban where she will shoot for Anees Bazmee’s No Problem. Apart from Kites, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai and Actor, Kangna has also signed a new film Manu Weds Tanu.

Kangna adds, “Right now, I am too busy doing a workshop for Anees Bazmee’s No Problem where I play a dumb girl who thinks that she is the sexiest girl on earth. Every day, I practice for an hour at home.”