’Tis better to praise

Criticising others has been one of man’s bad traits. A person criticises another to prove that s/he is better than others and to justify his/her stance.

We always think that whatever we do is good, and we are not ready to admit our mistake however wrong we may be. We think ourselves that we are better at judging others and speaking ill of others. We relish criticising others, but resent it should anyone dare to criticise us in any small way. All we want for ourselves is praise.

So how do we get around this habit. Instead of blaming, complaining and criticising others, let us first try to understand them. Let us try to figure out why people do what they do. However, this needs a strong character and lots of self-control. And we should always remember that the person we are going to criticise will probably justify him cause and criticise us in return.