Amidst all that greenery


Not just the destination, even the journey itself is equally enticing this week. We are heading to Changu Narayan and the winding uphill roads give you an excellent view of the green fields.

The way to the temple is dotted with typical Nepali styled houses, the windo-wsills brimming with corn, and old ladies winnowing in the sun along the path. And there are a number of thanka shops with artists painting beautiful pieces.

As you climb the stairs, the Changu Museum is on your right if you are interested. Before entering the temple, steps on the left lead to a small chowk which holds statues of various gods and goddesses.

The gate that we enter from is actually the rear part of the temple. This huge two storeyed temple with attractive art work is amazing. The front portion of the temple with its gold plated gates is striking. Another interesting facet about this temple are the huge sculptures on the pillars. The scripture on the one on the left is known as the Mandev scripture and is believed to be the oldest written scripture found till date in the Valley, dated 464 AD.

It is believed that the temple got its name because during pujas done in this temple the gods head is removed and in Newari chagu means to cut. There are various other temples that adorn this site, like the Chhinamati mai temple, Narsimha, Vishnu and Vishwaroop and others.

As you enter the gate you will notice a number of chariots and a really small one among them, which is said to be the smallest chariot in Nepal.

There is another gate with a long staircase on the other side. It is believed that previously people lived here and so this was the main entrance. Only the remains of a pool-like structure is left, which is now occupied by oxen for bathing.

The scenery as you walk through is truly breathtaking. You could sit there for hours and get lost in the beauty. Green fields dotted with various types of plants forms a pattern that is really beautiful. Amidst all the green, the glistening river flowing by is quite a spectacle.