Anderson, voice of Thunderbirds’ Lady Penelope, dies

LONDON: Television writer and producer Sylvia Anderson, the voice of Lady Penelope in popular 1960s television show

Thunderbirds, has died aged 88 after a short illness.

Anderson, who co-created the marionette puppet show with her late ex-husband Gerry, passed away at her UK home, according to a statement on her official website.

Debuting on British television screens in 1965, Thunderbirds followed a secret rescue performing organisation and its elegant Lady Penelope character, who was driven around ina pink Rolls-Royce, was modelled on Anderson.

The show aired for just two seasons but has gained a huge following since.

Born to a boxer and dressmaker from south London in 1927, Anderson also worked on television shows such

as Stingray and Joe 90.