Angie Harmon

Associated Press

New York:

Harmon plays CIA operative Ronica Miles, who isn’t too keen on her assignment as a “baby sitter” to teenage spy Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz of television’s “Malcolm in the Middle”) - until she gets to know him. Agent Banks - sort of a James Bond for the junior set - is hard to dislike - just like Muniz himself. “You meet a kid like Frankie who is so fantastic that it restores your faith in the next generation,” the 30-year-old actress said with a laugh.

Hanging out on the set with Muniz and co-star Hilary Duff taught her a thing or two, said Harmon, who noted that teens are usually ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to music. “Frankie is a huge John Mayer fan, and I was just discovering him. Frankie brought me right up to speed,” she said. She is also taking tips from her four godchildren, ages one to 11. “They keep me abreast of what’s cool. The five-year-old just told me pink is the chicest color.” Harmon, who starred as assistant district attorney Abbie Carmichael on “Law & Order” for three seasons, married pro football player Jason Sehorn in June 2001. Harmon and Sehorn divide their time between Texas, where her family lives, and New York. In “Agent Cody Banks,” Frankie Muniz has a lot of cutting-edge spy gadgets such as a turbocharged snowboard, X-ray sunglasses and suction-cup shoes. What happened with your character?

I did get a single-woman helicopter, which was pretty cool. It was my only gadget but it was the coolest. I flew 20 feet above ground and I had the best view of the Vancouver mountains.

Did the filmmakers use a stunt double for any of your fight scenes?

It was me but they were more like posed moves. The stunt guys would fall on command. I tried out some of those fight moves on my husband and he’d just put his hand out - while he was talking on the phone - and stop me in my tracks. What’s your real-life exercise routine?

I do cardio. I run, swim, do the bike. I don’t lift many weights - I tend to bulk up and that’s not too pretty. Why haven’t you accepted any acting jobs during the football season? I don’t want to be in Botswana shooting a movie if Jason gets hurt. It’s worked out. Every off-season I’ve gotten a movie and during the season I’m a wife and I go to his games. What’s your least favorite domestic chore? I hate washing dishes. The wet, the food, yuck! It just doesn’t work for me. ... I have two dishwashers so one is empty at all times so I can just load the dishes in.