Animal stories

Tonkinese are the cats that give the overall impression of alert, lively cats with surprisingly heavy body type. The body is well balanced, firm and muscular. Their head is gently rounded with a medium wedge, neither pointed nor square. The ears are set wide apart and are broad based tapering to a rounded tip. Their aquamarine blue eyes are more open and are not totally rounded. The coat is short and glossy. The legs are slim and well muscled, with the hind legs slightly longer than the front. The paws are neat and oval. The tail is slender and when brought along the side of the cat reaches to the shoulder.

Tonkinese are strong and active cats, while being loyal and loving. These cats are very people orientated. They love company and if they are to be left alone for long periods of time a companion is a necessity. They have the affectionate, frie-ndly nature and make ideal fa-mily pets. They can be trained to do tricks and require toys and games for amusement. They are quiet vocal and will chatter happily to you and follow you around.

Coat colour

Tonkinese coat comes in colours like chocolate-brown, blue and lilac as well as reds and creams.


Tonkinese are intelligent cats that can be described as the “dogs of the cat world”. They can be walked on leashes, have been known to retrieve and wait for your arrival home at the front door. Tonkinese are very playful, acrobatic and curious cats and can often get into difficult situations. So the house where they live sh-ould be cat-proofed carefully. They are probably best kept in the house or a secure garden.


These breeds are long lived and ages of nineteen and twenty are quite common.

Pet grooming

Tonkinese cats do not need special gro-oming, as their short coat is self-maintaining. But they do enjoy the attention that grooming brings.