Animal stories: Poodles

Poodles are the elegant and noble looking companion dogs that are also called the barbone or caniche. These dogs move with a graceful and amazingly springy gait. Their coat is plentiful and curly and is often styled.

There are three breeds of poodle, which only varies only in size. The standard (the largest one), the miniature, and the toy (the smallest poodle).

These lively dogs have moderately rounded skull with a slight but definite stop. Their widely set eyes are oval, dark and full of intelligence. The ears are set low on the skull and hang close to the head. The earflap is long, rather wide and well feathered. They have a long, strong neck, with a smooth deep throat. The forelegs are straight from the shoulder and

are parallel with strong ankles. Their pads are thick and hard.

Poodles get along with the kids, the cat and the guinea pig is no problem for them. But children should be trained to handle these small, delicate dogs carefully. Being active and affectionate, they make wonderful companion dogs. They can be good guard dogs but are not that aggressive.

Average size

The standard poodle is over 15 inches tall at the shoulders, and weighs from 20-32 kg. The miniature poodle is from 10-15 inches tall at the shoulders. The toy poodle is under 10 inches tall at the shoulders.

Coat colour

Their coat comes in a variety of colours. Blues, grays, silvers, browns and creams can be varying shades within the coat, for example, darker feathering on the ears and tipping on the ruff.


Poodles are unusually sensitive to vocal tones and are very easy to train. Owners who use gentle and consistent training methods, have seen their poodles excel in obedience trials. They are extremely intelligent and eager to please dogs and have a history of performance, appearing in circus and street acts for hundreds of years.

Food requirements

Very small dogs should be fed twice a day to prevent them from diseases. Biscuit is the good option to keep their teeth cleaner and healthier.


The life span of the poodle is about 12 to 15 years or more.

Pet grooming

Poodles need grooming once a week. The smaller poodles need daily teeth brushing or tartar will build up rapidly. Their coats should be combed and brushed regularly at home. As their coat take a great deal of care, generally, the professional grooming is required.

The poodle should be taken to a groomer about every six weeks for a clip of your choice. The

poodle’s ears need frequent cleaning to prevent from infections.

Country of origin: France/Germany

The poodle was known to exist at least 500 years ago in France or Germany. It was originally bred to retrieve game from the water. It was probably bred from the French Barbet (a gun dog).

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the poodle became a favourite with the nobility. They wanted dogs smaller than the Miniature Poodles and so the Toy Poodle was developed. Today, the Toy Poodle is exclusively a companion and show dog.