Aniston’s Bond girl dreams

LONDON: Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston dreams of starring opposite Daniel Craig in a James Bond movie.

Having featured in a string of romantic comedies so far, Aniston is determined to do a action role, reports “I get offered funny, quirky and pretty roles. I’d love to do an action movie say James Bond that has glamour, Daniel Craig and loads of fun,” she said.

Meanwhile, she revealed that she has moved on from her relationship with Brad Pitt and is not blaming him or his present partner Angelina Jolie for the split.

“There are no sides to the story. There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case,” quoted Aniston as saying.

Aniston, who just turned 40, said she is happy with her new man, the 31-year-old rocker John Mayer. She added, “I’m at ease and not just with my age. Really, I’m at peace. I’ve never felt this good about myself before. I think that shines through. I remind myself every day that I am lucky. Look what’s out there. Look what people are really living through. There’s no comparison.”