Another Rumba in the making

KATHMANDU: His surname might sound familiar, indeed Karma Rumba is Nima Rumba’s younger brother. And now he will share another common thing with elder bro, music. Within the next one or two months Karma will release his first solo album. Karma prefers not to introduce himself as Nima’s brother, he wants to make his own mark. Karma has an experience of more than six years. He is with The Angels band as the lead and rhythm guitarist and a back vocalist too. Karma makes it a point to convey that no one inspired him to take out an album. “I always wanted it to happen and finally I am seeing it happening.” He has not settled on a name as yet and shares that it includes 10 songs. “I have love and tragedy numbers and tracks which can be played in discos.”

So is elder Rumba helping him out at all? “Yes, but indirectly! He also wants me to make my own identity.” Nima confides that he always wanted his brother to study. “When I had just entered this profession singing Karma was studying. Then also he was interested in music but I never encouraged him to follow his interest because then I wanted him to do well in his studies. But now I have listened to him and I am proud of him. I want him to be a good musician and singer but surely I don’t want him to get recognition because of my name. I know that he is the best and he will prove his capability one day!” — Dipti Sherchan