The winter days were getting longer than ever and were really boring. I was already fed up with my winter holidays. I wondered who would have suggested to our principle that he give us such long holidays that never end.

I had finished off my homework given by my teachers. Now since I have finished them I curse them for giving me less homework.

Days passed like fortnights. I was fed up of listening to Linkin Park, Paparouche and Nirvana’s songs over and over again. My parents had asked me whether I wanted to go with them to New Jersey for a fortnight. I didn’t because my sister suggested to leave them alone for some time so that they could share their time with themselves.

My paternal brother Dexter was staying at my house to look after us. Dexter was perfect at sports. I hated sports but I really loved dressing up and yelling until I’m hoarse, like boys. I tried to look different from the girls in school, especially Celina, who also liked Alex and was my biggest rival in everything. I was rough and was the best in skating. Alex, whom I found sweet, was perfect at basketball. To impress Alex I had tired to play basketball but all in vain. I asked Dexter to teach me to play basketball, as he was his team’s captain. Then I started learning the ABC’s of basketball and minutes passed like seconds and hours as minutes. I was really enjoying the game!

Finally school started when our history teacher, Mrs. Jenny Keam, asked us for our holiday homework, to my surprise, I was the only one to finish my homework! I wondered how the others had spent their time. During the recess Alex and I played basketball. To my surprise Alex asked me for my phone number. I was so nervous that I could hardly speak, anyway, I gave him my phone number. Our sports teacher asked every one from grade 10 to stay behind after school. Our basketball coach appeared and told us that 10 girls and boys would be chosen for the school team to represent our school during the sports week. They announced that the selection would take place the next day along with the results. I really wanted to be on the team, so I called Dexter. We practised basketball even in the moonlight. I had tried my best. I anticipated being in the school basketball team. The next day, as soon as I reached school, we had our selections. I thought I did a good job. The coach told us that the results would be announced during the assembly. At the assembly I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes. The coach first told the boys. Alex was in the team as I had expected and I in the girls team. My name was announced first and I was given the title as the best

female basketball player at school. I was so happy that I jumped and screamed at the top of my voice.

In the basketball competition boys won first place and we came third.

Oh! And Alex is my best friend now. —Nivida Lamichhane, Class VIII, Triyog High School