Artistic bonding

Kathmandu: A group exhibition showcasing an amalgam of style, colours and expression marked the celebration of the Kasthamandap Art Studio’s 15th anniversary. Titled Celebration — Kasthamandap 2009 the exhibition was inaugurated at Siddhartha Art Gallery by German Ambassador Verena Griifin von Roedern on March 11.

Artists of the Kasthamandap group — Asha R Dongol, Bhairaj Maharjan, Binod Pradhan, Erina Tamrakar, Pradip K Bajracharya, Pramila Bajracharya and Sunila Bajracharya have exhibited creations that depicts their deep understanding of art, culture and human expressions. Each artist has his/her own style and sensibility but there is a thread that links their creativity. Their paintings prove that they have been together as a group for more than a decade.

The brightness of colours that Pramila Bajracharya’s abstract creations posses are similar to the ones in Binod Pradhan’s canvas presenting the different mudras. And the divinity of Pradhan’s mudras is reflected by Bhairaj Maharjan’s Pancha Buddhas series. He has used different colours in each canvas of the series depicting different moods. All the colours he has used are rich and pure. Just like Erina Tamrakar’s Silhoutte in time series. Though limited to few colours her canvases are bright and deep. She has also used her trademark colour — golden — which has added vibrancy to her canvas.

Meanwhile Sunila Bajracharya and Pradip K Bajracharya have embraced human figures in an abstract format. Both of their creations are about figurative expressions. While Sunila has used blocks of vivid hues Pradip has used more of long brush strokes to depict figures rather subtly.

Colours and religious symbols dominate Asha R Dangol’s canvas. His creations have different shapes and figures overlapping each other giving an almost collage like effect.

Variety is something that every group exhibition offers to art lovers. But along with variety the creations of this exhibition do have some subtle links with each other.

The exhibition is on till March 25.