As women’s day approaches near, women who have made a place for themselves in society share what they feel is the true essence of a woman

Five qualities that define a woman

Love doesn’t need to be taught to her, it comes naturally

She has a very instinctive nature of caring, nurturing and sharing

High tolerance

Intelligent, women are equally intelligent as men, if not much, not less

Complete woman

She has to have a personality that is soft and hard at the same time

My inspiration

Mother Teresa, being a nun, though we follow different religions our purpose is quite similar and she really inspires me

Similarities between men and women

Both desire for happiness and don’t want to suffer

Different generations

In my mum’s time women had to make a lot of sacrifices, give up their desires for their family and children. Now women have found a balance between both, Women are capable, powerful and intelligent. As for the coming generation I hope they don’t go to extremes of sacrificing or selfishness.

Ani Choying Dolma Singer