Atharva’s Yoddha for rock fans


Here is good news for all rock music lovers. New rock band Atharva, that has won hearts of many many rock fans , has come up with its first album Yoddha.

Four students of Pulchowk engineering college started the band as a college band. Though in the beginning the band was all about having fun and jam-ups, they gradually started to get serious about music and decided to release an album.

The album consists of eight tracks, seven of which are in Nepali and one track is in English. The lyrics mostly touch the themes of war, salvation and eternal peace.

Though Atharva has stayed away from mushy numbers, the album’s second track however verges on romantic musings. The title track stands out as the best, where as track one, Sipahi, fails to impress. All in all it is a good treat for those who like soft rock.