Away with makeup faux pas

KATHMANDU: There are certain make up woes that many of us have been dealing with and also trying to find the perfect solution. The hairdo you cannot get right or the way to apply foundation in a flawless manner. Here are some tips that will help you deal with some of your confusion so that you don’t have to be a fashion victim ever.

•Focus on your eyes when you want to make an impact. They are what people notice first. False lashes, black liner, shimmery shadow, and good brows will take you far, even if you don’t wear lipstick and haven’t washed your hair in three days.

•Avoid cream-to-powder foundation unless you’re really oily. If your skin is combination, normal, or dry, the product will suck all the moisture out of it as it evaporates.

•Learn how to blow-dry like an expert. The real reason you cannot replicate the way your hair looks after a visit to the salon? Poor blowdryer skills. Ask your stylist to show you exactly what she does, step-by-step.

•Keep two fully stocked makeup bags to save your sanity — one for items you use every day (and can apply in the dark), the other for all those crazy impulse buys that you’ll only try when you have time for experimenting.

•Own a fragrance wardrobe.

Fragrance is the quickest pick-me-up, you just feel confident when you smell good. Why do

you need several? For the same reason you have a closet full of clothes-options.

•Splurge on your haircut. Seek out the best stylist for your type of hair; it may cost more, but if the technical part of your style’s no good, no amount of product will fix it.

•Never apply lipstick out of the tube. To dispense just the right amount, and keep it on longer, pat it into your lips with a finger instead.

•Go light on foundation. Use it only under eyes and around nose. Stop covering your whole face with it and you will look everything from ‘well rested’ to ‘younger’.

•Apply facial products with a light touch. A lot of the skin damage we incur is a result of the way we handle our skin. Which means it’s time to stop rubbing your eyes and start treating that face of yours like the precious object it is.

•Pat on, but don’t rub in, concealer. Apply concealer from just above the inner corner of your eye down to (and over) your under-eye circles. Then, gently tap the makeup until it melts into your skin for truly effective coverage.