Bands showdown


More than 2,500 youngsters thronged the Jawalakhel grounds on July 10 to get intoxicated with music and cheer for their favourite bands that had made it to the top six of the Sprite Band Challenge. Alt-F4, Anuprastha, Bequeath, Quaver, Shatkond and The Smriti sang cover versions with a touch of their own and originals. And to liven up the afternoon, Robin and the New Revolution, Abhaya and the Steam Injuns and Karma belted out their hit songs.

Shatkond, who presented songs with a progressive rock touch, said they wanted to bring about a revolution in the music scenario and hoped people would understand their music and vote for them. Smriti felt that all bands were tough competition at this stage. Members of Quaver were happy that their music was appreciated by the crowd.

It is now upto the audience as their votes (50 per cent of decision) will decide the three winners. — HNS