BBC’s word of thanks


In a letter sent to, BBC Natural History Unit has expressed its gratitude for the support and unrivalled professionalism that had provided for numerous BBC Natural History Unit teams in 2004/2005.

Under the guidance of Ragendra Narsingh Suwal, managing director of and a well known wetland conservationist and bird tour expert, the BBC NHU unit had successfully filmed 50,000 Demoiselle cranes migrating through the Kaligandaki Valley and also for the first time filmed Golden Eagles attacking these cranes on the wing. In March 2005, with the alliance of, the ambitious project of BBC to film the high altitude aerials of Mt Everest was successfully materialised. “I genuinely believe that this trip would not have been as successful if we had not had the expertise of working with us in Nepal,” writes Vanessa Berlowitz, senior producer, BBC Natural History Unit, England. According to Suwal, BBC is coming up with its new series of Planet Earth in 2006 and the films recorded in Nepal would be aired once in a month through more than 210 TV Channels for millions of viewers.