Be friendly

Dionna Sanchez:

No one quite understands our emotions and feelings like a girlfriend. And once we’re married with families, we lose that valuable “friendship time”. It may be that it’s that sense of loss sometimes that makes us feel lonely on an otherwise cheery day.

Friendships are vital to our growth as women. It is so sad that many of us ladies are too immersed in the details of our lives to keep connected to those who are honest with us when we need to hear it. Those girl pals who understand the need to have a good giggle once in awhile.

There are many ways we can share our lives. We can still keep in touch with those dear people amidst busy school-crazed, nap-time sports-filled days.

Plan to get together for a sandwich while the baby sleeps, or have her join you at your son’s basketball game. If your friend doesn’t live in the same town, there’s always e-mail, phone calls or letter writing.

We need to treasure our fellow women because we need each other. Hey, she probably needs your encouragement and honesty in her life just as much as you need hers!

Go give a friend a call today and thank her for being there when you were in need. Don’t isolate yourself, but embrace friendships. Let the dear friends you have help you grow as a wife, mom, woman and lady.